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Catering to the needs of the clients, we are engaged in the manufacturing of comprehensive range of Copper Products. Our Copper Products are made using high grade copper which helps in assuring its quality and durability. We conduct stringent quality checks under the strict company norms. Our Copper Products are provided in a range consisting of Copper Tubes & Pipes, Copper Fin Tubes, Copper Pancake Coils, Copper Strips & Bus Bars, Tin Plated Copper Strip & Bus bar, Copper Profiles & Sections, Arsenic Copper Rods, and Copper Rods.

N.V. Metal Industries are manufacturing and supplying Copper tubes in a variety of specifications and grades. We are making Copper Tube with pure Copper metal. Copper Tubes are mostly used due to their extended duration and reliability. These Tubes provide superior corrosion resistance and good quality material for hot and cold water, and managing it is very easy. We excellently finished Copper Pipe/Tube requires less maintenance. We are manufacturing these Copper tubes with pure Copper metal according to the given specifications and following the customer requirements.

We, N.V. METAL INDUSTRIES, are also manufacturing the Copper Tube with soft or rigid Copper and offer extra excellent corrosion resistance and reliable connections to our clients for better performance. These Copper Tubes are commonly used in the construction industry for water supply lines and refrigerant lines in HVAC systems. We are manufacturing these products with excellent quality of raw material. We have a team of experts and skilled professionals with years of experience in the building field. The Copper Tube that we are making has certain advantages in the automobile industry over other metals. We supply Copper to various industries for applications like plumbing, boiler feed lines, refrigeration and many similar purposes. Our Copper Tube has numerous features and excellent benefits, which are required in many industrial applications. We are manufacturing the products providing the best quality that can be used for commercial and residential construction purposes. Our experts are following all national and international quality standards to manufacture perfectly suitable Copper tubes.  

We are also producing these Tube as per the requirements of our esteem clients. We provide customized as well as non-customized Copper Tubes for various industries. We maintain the quality of raw material to fabricate each product, which needs less maintenance and works for a very long period. We are manufacturing premium quality Copper Pipe, which offers excellent resistance capacity, corrosion, and reliability compared with others. N.V. Metal Industries manufacture and supply many Copper tubes for residential and industrial purposes such as plumbing, boiler feed lines, refrigeration and many more. These Copper Tubing are performing well in many complex industrial applications. These Tubes are very easy for the installation process. We perform numerous tests to check the quality and efficiency of products to ensure that products are manufactured according to the specifications before final delivery.

We use different test techniques, tools and the latest machinery to check the quality standard. We mainly focus on providing the highest quality and provides specified solutions to the industry and home and satisfy our customer need. At the time of delivery, we are packing these Copper tubes with standard packaging material. Still, before delivery, we are performing various tests for the quality and efficiency of products. If any changes are required, we fix them then deliver them to the desired customer. We are also providing a smooth and convenient doorstep service to our clients without any damage. At reasonable rates, we are offering suitable and excellent Copper tubes.  

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